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3 Things I Do To Be Happy

Sometimes I feel like it’s very hard to be happy, but then I read a quote that says

happiness starts with you, not with your relationships, not with your job, but with you

And I thought about that and I started to love myself. I think being happy is easier than we think, sometimes the smallest things can make you happy. I have 3 easy ways to get happy:

ONE: Listen to music

Music influences me very strong and I’m sure that everyone has a certain song that reminds you of good memories. I like to listen to Robin Schulz’s Song ‘Sun Goes Down’ or ‘Sugar’ because I then remember all the fun nights I spend with my friends during summer time and that makes me smile… No it makes me laugh when I think about all the stuff we have done 🙂


TWO: Go for a walk

When I was younger, I always went for a walk when I had something on my mind. After the walk I felt relieved and more relaxed.


THREE: Travel alone

Most of my friends thought it is awkward to travel alone, BUT: When I first travelled alone I realized how happy I can be. That was the point in my life when I enjoyed being alone. I thought I would need someone in my life to make me happy, but that’s not it – you don’t need anyone to enjoy life or to be happy


As you can see, it is not difficult to be happy – just do it and let go of all your sorrows, anger or whatever is stressing you. Even if it’s only for a while, you will feel better afterwards. Please let me know what you do to be happy, I’m curious about it!

Thùy Luna

2 comments on “3 Things I Do To Be Happy

  1. To be happy, I love making art (dancing, drawings, writing…) and I enjoy setting goals for my life ☺️

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    1. Thuy Luna says:

      Setting goals for your life is indeed something that can make you happy! Thank you for your inspirations 🙂


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