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My third trip was to Barcelona in Spain. I went there with my 3 girls, we had so much fun and I also love Barcelona. We had an apartment at ‘la Rambla’ and it was the most central place we could have ever been.

We took so many photos, I think it was about 3,000 photos all together and I still love looking at them, it was the best Girls Trip I’ve ever had ( and it also was my first Girls Trip ).

We went shopping and clubbing at the beach, the last day we didn’t even have money for a nice visit at a restaurant, so we ended up having dinner at Burger King ( sad story but it was a wonderful last night). The food in Barcelona is really good, except for paella, their national food – I don’t like the mix of fish and meat with rice, the rice tastes a little bit sourish because of the fish. But the mussels are delicious and also very cheap, we paid for a bucket only 6 Euros!

Clubbing in Barcelona is really fun, the clubs are all nearby the beach and we got several vouchers for getting in for free before midnight plus a drink for free

I would recommend Barcelona to everyone, it is beautiful and you have the city AND the beach, that’s the dream combination for holidays!

3 comments on “My First Girlstrip To Barcelona

  1. LOVE your pictures! Seems like you had a great time! 🙂 X Ellie


    1. Thuy Luna says:

      Thank you! Oh yes I did, it was so much fun – I would go back there anytime, I think we didn’t see everything yet in Barcelona


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