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I travelled again with my two friends to Lisbon, but we also had a little stop at Madrid in Spain. I am glad we just stayed in Madrid for 13 hours, the city centre was nice but I like Barcelona more… Maybe because of the beach?! We went to Lisbon over my best friend’s birthday, she was going to be 23, so it was in spring. In the daytime it was very sunny but in the evening it was still getting cold.

The city is very hilly so I would recommend you guys to wear comfortable shoes. We walked a lot and didn’t go by train or something at all because our flat was so central.

The nightlife in Lisboa is really interesting, first you go to bars – but you don’t stay inside, you take your drink outside and stay on the street to talk with other people, that’s really cool, because I like to meet new people! The people talk until 3 or 4 am, after that you are going to the club until 9 am or something.

In Germany you go to the club at 1 am ( at the latest time!) and you leave the party  at 5 am ( at the latest time ).

So, if you like Bar Tours, Lisbon is the perfect place for you.



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