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Octoberfest is coming soon, it is the most popular beerfest in the world, for some Bavarians it is the best time of the year and I love this time too. You can meet so many people from different countries and it is always ‘a Gaudi’ (that’s Bavarian and it means fun)

Besides drinking beer in the tents and eating pretzels and weisswursts there is a lot more than just the octoberfest at Theresienwiese, here is my top list of what you can also do if you want to take a break from your hangover 😉

I. Visit the English Garden

If the weather is good, I would recommend you to take walk through the English Garden, it is a beautiful place to relax. You can start from the metro station Odeonsplatz and walk through the Hofgarden until you reach the English Garden. It is a big park and there is also a little sea where you can drive a padel boat ( it is really romantic, but I’ve never done that before – maybe I should try it too with my boyfriend ) on the other seaside there is a restaurant called ‘Seehaus am Englischen Garten’ you can dine her, it is a little bit chic, but I really do like their food there and you have nice view on the sea. If you want to go there you should book a table in advance – here is the link to their website: Seehaus am Englischen Garten

Besides that, you can also surf at the Eisbach – it is called ‘Eisbach’ because the water is freaking cold – the first time I jumped into it, I thought I couldn’t breathe any more because it was so cold! But in summer it is really refreshing jumping into the Eisbach 🙂

II. Explore the Universitätsviertel

From Odeonsplatz you can also walk to the University, or you can just take the metro one station further ( Universität ) to get there. This quarter offers a lot of restaurants from German cuisine to Asian kitchen. And there are also a lot of shops, but not those common shops, there are more small shops and boutiques – so if you want to go shopping but don’t want to go to H&M and Zara you should go to there. I love to eat at Nam Nam ( Thai Food ), it is not that expensive compared to other Thai restaurants, LeDu Happy Dumplings ( the name says it all ), a very small place but it is cozy and very good, and I recommend Schall und Rauch, they have everything from pasta to curry and you can get full by its portions. Schall und Rauch is also a bar and very popular among students.

III. Try ice cream from the ‘crazy icemaker’

If the weather is good and you want to have an ice cream, you have to go to ‘Der verrückte Eismacher’, they have a lot of tastes and they are really crazy! They have tastes like Tequila, beer, spareribs, spaghetti bolognese – they vary a lot, but they also have normal tastes just like chocolate and so on. You need to try it! It is also located near the ‘Universität’

The owner of this shop with his employee

The owner of this shop with his employee

IV. Take a walk at Köngisplatz

Also not far from Odeonsplatz  is Königsplatz, it is a beautiful big place where you can sit on the steps and enjoy the sun and have an ice cream. I would recommend you the ice cream parlour Ballabeni, they don’t have a lot of tastes but it is reeeeally good. Students also love hanging out there and the buildings are also art museums – so if you’re interested you can walk into the buildings 🙂

People love shooting pictures here at Königsplatz:


V. Eat a Burger

Burgers are not typical German Food, but since they are popping out like mushrooms in the city I am trying once a month a new burger restaurant and I really like burgers… And fries 🙂 Near Königsplatz there is a restaurant called Hamburgerei, they also have exotic burgers just as the indonesian burger – so they don’t just have typical variations like cheeseburger or something.


Another good burger restaurant near this area is taste my burger, the owner of it was once a taxi driver and he is such a warm person. Taste my burger also has delicious burgers with funny names like Barbie’s blackout

I had the persian Burger ... Mhhhh

taste my burger

And my last award to the best burger restaurent I have tried so far is Belicious Burger.Their special thing is that they have truffle fries… OMG they smell sooooo goooooood! And they taste very good – I think I will have burger in the next few days

Belicious Burger

VI. Visit the Nymphenburger Castle

As you can see, one of my hobbies is going for a walk – either alone or with friends, it doesn’t matter.Nymphenburger Castle is my place to go, since I am living near the castle. Aaaaaand of course, you may have noticed that I love Ice cream – you need to go to ‘Sarcletti’ it is also famous  as the best ice cream in Munich – They have a lot of tastes, but not as crazy as ‘ Der verrückte Eismacher’

VII. Take a walk at the Isar

In summer the river Isar is full of people, it is a great place to walk and enjoy the sun. You can also jump into the water and swim.


VIII. Have a coffee at Vorhölzer Cafe

This is the place where students hang out in their free time between lessons. It is a little bit hidden but once you are there you have an amazing view over Munich!

Vorhölzer Cafe

I hope you come visit me in Munich 🙂 contact me any time I am happy to help you or show you around !



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