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Every time I enter a plane I get really excited because flying on a plane gives me the feeling of holidays. Sure, you can also travel by car or by train but a plane gives me the ultimate feeling of holidays 🙂

Every two years I visit my family in Vietnam, so the long term flights are quite exhausting and I’m on the plane for at least 16 hours. It’s always getting cold on the plane and my skin gets so dry every time, so I created a list what I need when traveling by air:

I. Extra Socks And Cardigan/ Scarf

This is the most important thing since I am freezing really fast. Planes always have extra blankets but it’s not enough for me.

II. Hand Sanitizer

You should ALWAYS have a hand sanitizer with you!

III. Refreshing wipes

You don’t need to go to the toilet to wash/ refresh your face, wipes will do it at your place too.

IV. Cream

Well, I didn’t say face cream or hand cream, because I always bring an universal cream with me so I can use it for every part of my body

VI. Tangle Teezer

After sleeping on a plane for several hours my hair always looks like a bird’s nest

VII. Tooth Brush and Chewing Gum

You never know who you will meet on a plane and you don’t want to stink, do you? And after eating it is important to brush your teeth

VIII. Extra Pillow

You know that round pillows that fits your neck? There are also quite cute ones and they can save your neck from pain, believe me

IX. Eyebrow pencil

It is ESSENTIAL to me, because, no joke, I have no brows, just a few hairs above my eye but I can’t call it my eyebrows though 😦 . Eyebrows are also some kind of face counturing for me, imagine yourself without eyebrows…

X. Nail File

As a woman and as an Asian it is so important to me to have perfect nails. So I like them in shape and when one nail brokes it has to be fixed immediately. That’s why I always have a nail file with me

Travel Essentials

Mini perfume
€9,22 –

Neutrogena face cleanser
€4,64 –

Nivea bath body product
€7,92 –

Bath body product
€4,61 –

H M manicure tool
€2,76 –

Flat iron
€18 –

Maybelline makeup
€5,55 –

Foreo ISSA Toothbrush – Cool Black
€185 –

Well, that’s my personal stuff I need when traveling by air, of course not everyone needs a eyebrow pencil but I look very ugly without eyebrows and at least I like to look human 😉


Thùy Luna

3 comments on “10 Things You Need When Traveling By Air

  1. Trish Uy says:

    I love your blog! 🙂 Looking forward for more tips from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. T. Luna says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate your compliment and thank you for the encouragement :))


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