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My 2015

This year has gone by so fast and I am proud of what I have reached this year. I started this year in Stockholm and I was sick and throughout the year, my body wasn’t or isn’t in his best form this year … Maybe I should change that. I don’t know where to start how my year went, so I just try to list it chronically :

I moved back to my parents because I realized I needed the money for my semester abroad next year and I didn’t travel a lot like last year but that’s okay. I only went to Rhodos, Rome and Cologne – I met the love of my life this year and this is the highlight of the year and I can’t wait to spend my future with him ❤ .

I finished my studies this year, I have a bachelor degree now, but I can’t really do something with it. I think this year was very troublesome for me but in the career perspective, I felt like I didn’t have a specific goal and I want to do something special, something that means a lot to me and I want to have a job that I love. So I worked as a recruitment manager, I worked at quality assurance department and then as a working student in the office services team of a consulting firm. I also worked in the nails studio and at Tiffany’s but I didn’t love it to work there. I always thought I would fit perfect into a sales position because I like to be in contact with customers and do something for them to make them happy . I didn’t work for a long time in all these companies and I thought I will never find the perfect job. I am really interested in Marketing but it is SO difficult to find something there! Well, there are a lot of jobs but it’s so hard to get in and I am really disappointed I couldn’t get any job – I am still looking for a job in this branch but let’s see how it goes in 2016. But as the year comes to an end it got clearer and clearer to me that I want to found a start up and I also know now what kind of start up I want to start. It will take a while but I think I found my perfect job now – I will create my own job and be my own chef. I cannot tell you guys what it will be because it needs time to prepare everything, but this will be my biggest project in the next few years…. I think I will write another blog post about it another time 🙂 .

The next big thing this year was this blog LUNA AND SOUL. I never explained to you guys what this blog name was about: My first name ‘Minh’ is put together from the character of the moon and the sun in chinese. It’s like day and night and I wanted to start something where I put my everything in it – day and night, my blood and my soul. So I came to LUNA AND SOUL.

I found a lot of inspirations this year and I hope I did inspire some of you guys too. For me, this year was a long search for something that could keep me motivated in my life and I think I found it.

I wish you the best for 2016 and I hope I can keep you inspired!

Thùy Luna

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Hi, I'm Luna and I love to connect with you guys and talk about the things we love: Food, Beauty, Travel and the things we care about in life. Inspire and be inspired is my motto in life!

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