5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Language Skills

I speak 6 languages and my goal in life is to speak 8 languages fluently. I was born in Germany so German and Vietnamese are my mother tongues. In kindergarten started to learn English and in primary school I had French. When I was in 8th grade I learnt Italian and now I am studying business communication chinese. I can do small talk in all those languages but it is pretty hard to remember all the vocabularies and sentence constructions. So what can I do to improve all those languages? Well, at first, I love learning vocabularies, most of my friends don’t, but I love it. Second, I HATE reading books in other languages than German, I should change that but I am someone who has to know the exact meaning of a word when I read it. So here are my 5 ways to improve my French, Italian, Chinese and English without reading books in a foreign language:

I. Watch movies or TV series in another language

When I watch TV- Series in English, it doesn’t really matter when I don’t understand a word… That’s weird, right? I also like to watch Korean Dramas, that’s why I can speak a little bit Korean, but I don’t count that… I also had a Korean language course haha. Now I’m trying to watch more Chinese Dramas … Does anyone of you have some recommendations? I am also looking for French Series but I have no idea what to watch 😦

I really noticed that my English got better with watching TV series 🙂 For me, it is more important to speak the language well than improve my written language – I never had problems with spelling and I think I don’t really need to improve my written language.

II. Work as an sales assistant in an international company

I try to talk as much as I can in different languages, when I was a sales assistant at Tiffany’s I always ran to the Chinese costumers because I wanted to speak a lot Chinese. I also learned to speak Russian when I worked at PANDORA. I do speak Russian now, but I can only sell jewelry to Russian people and tell them how much a charm costs and what kind of materials we have and so on.

III. Take part of exchange programs at your university

It’s not only that you will improve your language, you maybe also will meet new people and who knows, maybe you will be friends? Or maybe it will be your soulmate – I believe in such wonderful things.

IV. Blog in a different language

That’s what I am doing right now, I really hope that my English is not that bad – I am also planning to add a second language I just haven’t decide in which language 🙂 If it would be that easy, I would translate my blog in any language I can. Maybe I will try to translate individual blogposts into different languages – IF I have the time for it

V. Travel

That is the BEST way to improve your language skills, I met a lot of interesting people by only talking with them and I am still in contact with them. Also, talking to native speakers helps you to pronounce the words right. Go pack your bags, travel and see the world!