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I was there last June over the weekend, it was more a spontaneous trip but very funny. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go with him somewhere in Italy because he didn’t want to spend the holidays here in Munich, I just started to work at a new company and I didn’t want to, but I still said yes haha. I told him that we could ask another good friend to come with us and he also said yes. By that time we where hanging out with a few people and two of them are a couple and they were spending that weekend in Venice. So there were only two friends left and I said to my other friends, it would be sad if we left them here in Germany while we all are in Italy. So I asked them too and they were already planning to go to Italy over the holidays with three other people. So we all decided to go together and we met at the same evening to book a accommodation. The day after tomorrow we went to Italy.

If you really want the beach you should definitely not go to Gardasee because it all reminded us of the ‘Starnberger See’ in Germany. Gardasee is a nice city and small, but I don’t have to go there again because there is nothing really special about it…


Our first dinner that night



Banana Boat, it was so much fun



Having a walk and enjoy our last day


Our last day

Nevertheless it was still such a fun trip and we are since then a bigger clique now and we spend every weekend together having fun 🙂 .




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