Sometimes I like to have a brunch with my girls and we do that once a month. Cotidiano, a bakery restaurant is very famous and popular in Munich.
They offer a wide range of good food. They have plates with cheese or plates with ham, brunch for two plates, tartes, cakes, waffles, tarte flambees, soups and so on! The offer is huge !
I love cheese, especially goat cheese so I took the “Italian breakfast”: goat cheese, Serano Ham and honeymelon.

As you can see , they gave me big slices of cheese and I couldn’t finish the plate. But there is always place for dessert! The tartes were 4,75€ is not very cheap I think but I have to say, for the service and the amount of food they gave us for that price, it is worth it to go there !

If you go there, you better have time, because you need to wait in line to get a place. Luckily my girls and I got immediately a table when we got there, but after we arrived, a big line was behind us. Usually you can do a reservation but not on holidays and on weekends.

Cotidiano is located at Gärtnerplatz, a quite popular place in summer for students and it is also near the isar.

Enjoy your breakfast in Munich!