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When I realised that I just have one free weekend for the rest of the year 2015 without working, I decided to do a little trip with my boyfriend. At first we didn’t know where to go, but since I’ve never been in Cologne and it wasn’t that far, we decided to go there. We stayed there over the first weekend of October in the Azimut Hotel, it is very central and the service is really good. The only thing that bothered us was the parking fee, it was nearly 18 Euros a night!

Beginning from the drive, my boyfriend drove the whole time – and I was sleeping the whole time, his statement was that I also slept with a wide open mouth but there is no evidence haha. The first thing we did after we arrived was shopping, Cologne has Bershka and Gina Tricot, Munich doesn’t and every shop in Cologne is like 3 until 4 times available. They literally have like FIVE Esprits seven H&Ms in the center! I think you can go better shopping in Cologne because everything is at one spot and they have more shops than in Munich.

The next day we went sightseeing, the only thing we knew was the dome of Cologne, it is a world cultural heritage building and oh my god guys, it is SO impressive! That building is HUUUUGE! It is a beauty from the outside and from the inside it is even more beautiful! The ceilings inside are very high, it reminded me somehow of the dining hall in Hogwarts from Harry Potter. When the light falls through the big windows it looked stunning! Those mosaic windwows were beautiful, so colourful and just amazing!

We also crossed with the ropeway the Rhine River, you have a beautiful view over the city there. It only takes a few minutes to get to the other side, when we arrived, we were in the biggest, lively park I have ever seen in Germany, the Rhine Park. Sure, every park is lively in a bigger city, but they had the river on one side and then then they had little fountains in the park and also a basketball place and a big playground for kids – and the best thing: They even have a little railway that makes a tour through the park! When my boyfriend saw this, he was like a little child and wanted to sit in his little railways, he was the cutest at this point and I couldn’t stop smiling at him.

The Nighlife in Cologne is also quite interesting, they have the Friesenquarter and it is comparable with the Leopoldstreet in Munich – only bigger and a lot more bars than at my hometown. The cocktails were also a lot cheaper than in Munich, sometimes half the price of Munich’s bars. We didn’t go party but we took a walk in the evening there and we had dinner in the Belgian Quarter. For Food and Drinks Cologne is very good and if you wanna party hard I would recommend you Cologne or Berlin because in Cologne the Clubs are next to Bars and always near a restaurant or a snack bar ;).

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The view over the river

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The building was so huge, it didn’t fit into the photo haha

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It’s huge isn’t it?

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Such a BEAUTY!!

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The sunlight fell right on the altar – so beautiful!

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Reminds me a little bit of the Hogwarts School

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It looks like Hogwarts!

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Unfortunately we missed the Hohenzoller Bridge, the one with thousands over thousands love locks and we also missed the building with the big ice ream on it, but it’s ok. I got to spend time with him and that is all what counts and it was great.


T. L.

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