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January : Studying isn’t always the right way

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I’m just going to tell you what I was thinking about a lot every month, just see it as a monthly thought 😉 . But I don’t have to name every blog post like a list, I already have ‘when I was in…’ and we don’t want to exaggerate my longing for creating lists 😀

This month I was struggling with my studies , I studied a lot, also because I want to have a scholarship this year.

I have studied political science before and when I almost finished my studies, I didn’t feel like I was studying the right thing because I was never THAT interested in politics like other people. Sure, I do read the news but I don’t wanna be a minister of some department in the politics. That’s why I decided to study something else , during the time studying political science I figured out, I like languages , but I don’t wanna study only a language , so I started studying business communication chinese. I really really do like it a lot more now than my other studies, but somehow I think it is not the right thing yet. If I am immortal, I guess I would study everything – because I think everything is so interesting ! I am even interested in chemistry and physics, even if I’m dumb as fuck in this subject and understand literally nothing… My question is still : WHAT THE HELL DO I DO AFTER STUDYING????

I hope I am not the only student in this world who is like this.
Throughout the month I was looking into some job offers in the marketing department and they all want you to have 3 years experience in this field, but WHAT IF I JUST GRADUATED? How in this world can I have 3 years of experience when I have to study my ass of to get good grades and do shitty jobs to pay my rent and so on during my studies?

After seeing all those job requirements I also thought, I just know so many people who have studied something which has absolutely nothing to do with business and they became Marketing manager or something like that. Angela Merkel has studied Physics, did you know that?
So I think if I study something specific to get an theoretical expert in this field and then do something completely different, why do I even study ?

Aaah, really, do you guys also have the same struggles as me?


Thùy Luna

3 comments on “January : Studying isn’t always the right way

  1. EBERE says:

    Sometimes I worry too, especially if I get bored half way my study, far from the finish line. What do I do?


    1. Thuy Luna says:

      What helps me the most is, when I set my goals – I am more motivated if I have a goal I am reaching for, then I also know what I have to do to accomplish it, maybe it helps you too if you set clear goals for your studies ! For example if you want to be a successful manager later, think about what skills do you need? Organization, expert knowledge in the branch you want to work, logical skills and so on… And then think about what you can do, to improve those skills … I am so bad in giving examples, but I hope you know what I mean and I could help you!


      T Luna


      1. EBERE says:

        Thank you, yes I do would get back to you


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