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January Favorites



Sooooo this is my first blogpost about beauty favorites – please bear with me, I have apparently no skills at all when it comes to photograph products, but I promise, I’m working on it!

I just start from the left to the right:


If your hair gets greasy pretty fast, you should put baby powder on your hair and massage the powder into your hair. The powder absorbs the fat and your hair won’t feel greasy anymore. This powder is also free from any perfumes and you can get it at the drugstore ( I got mine from dm ). It is way more cheaper than the Baptiste Dry Shampoo.

2016-02-06 12.38.39 1.jpg

Chocolate Kiss 150


I really like this dark brown mauve color, especially when you mix it up with some beige lipsticks, it looks like the perfect nude for me then. It is very hard for me to find the perfect nude lipstick because I always tend to think that every nude lipstick ist just to bright for me and I look like a dead person.


I never really got into the hype with those EOS lip balms because I don’t like the shape and I think they are just too expensive. And I didn’t buy this one, I got this one from my best friend from the US and I just started to use this in January and I really like it how sloppy I can put this on my lips haha. I always close my mouth and just press this tiny little ball on my lips and I don’t have to fear getting lip balm on my teeth too, does this happen to you too?


I recently had no time to take care of my nails properly and you know, I HATE chipping nail polish! But when I put this color on my nails I don’t recognize when my nail polish is chipping off because of the nude color. But I didn’t only put this color on my nails because I didn’t want to recognize how fast my nail polish is chipping off, it lasted pretty well and after one week only the nail polish on my trigger finger started to chip off. If you want to know how the color looks like on my nails, I wrote a blogpost about it yesterday. 🙂


It is an invisible consistency, don’t forget to massage this good into your skin


This primer saves me from getting shiny like a mirror, I swear! At first I didn’t like it very much because it felt a little bit bumpy when I applied it on my skin. After a while I recognized, I had to massage this primer longer into my skin and I also had to wait a few minutes after putting a normal cream on my skin before I used the primer. Since then, I am LOVING this primer! Sometimes I also like to wear only a face cream and this primer on my skin.

2016-02-06 12.38.43 1.jpg


I love this mascara since it first came out! But like every girl or every normal person, we like to change and we don’t always stick to the old stuff. When I was looking for a new mascara, after I used up my old one, I rediscovered this little wonder. It has a gummy brush and spreads the mascara very well, some mascara brushes are putting way too much product out of the bottle

Processed with VSCO


This is my latest discover, I really like the brush, it’s a triangle shaped bristle brush which is not to thick and it’s perfect to reach out for my outer corner lashes. I am Asian and my eyes are pretty small, so if i want to reach out for my outer lashes it often happens that I poke my eye, for example with the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, because this brush is more chubby than the mascara from L’oreal.


Since I found my perfect hair shampoo from GUHL I also wanted to try more from this brand and I found this deep conditioner from GUHL with monoi oil. It smells sooooo good! I put this conditioner once a week own my hair and it makes my hair shiny and it doesn’t feel dry, especially in winter time! I always just passed by this brand in the drugstore, because I don’t really like the packaging from the shampoos. But when I heard from a friend that she uses GUHL for her hair ( and her hair looks great ) I thought I would give it a try too! And this brand does not disappoint me!

VIX. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

This book is about the NASTY GAL online shop and how Sophia Amoruso, the founder of NASTY GAL  found her way to her dream job. It is a really inspiring and motivating book and I enjoyed reading it and I will do a separate blog post about it soon!

Let me know what you loved this month in the comments below!


T. L.

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