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Chang Noi / Valentine’s Day

I really really love Thai Food so my boyfriend wanted to surprise me on Valentinesday and we had dinner at Chang Noi, a thai restaurant. I just knew we were going out for dinner but I did not know where we will go, I thought we were going to eat burger the whole time because this was our first and last dinner – date before we came together 🙂 .

But my love knows me well, I love curry as much as I love burger – especially thai duck curry.

When we arrived the owner of the restaurant greeted us, she is a very friendly thai woman and led us to a table. When we sat down a waitress gave us the menu card and the owner gave me a rose and wished me a happy Valentine’s Day, that was so cute.

We ordered a starter plate for two people and for the main course panaeng pad ( duck ) and panaeng gai ( chicken ). It was delicious but a little bit too hot for me, but since the family of my boyfriend eats very spicy I have to train so I can eat with them haha. Chang Noi is very authentic, they even do the peanut sauce on their own and it tastes pretty good!

The waitress and the owner were sooooo polite and we really enjoyed the food and the service, the prices are also appropriate. Compared to other thai restaurants in Munich, it is one of the best – from food to service to prices.

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The starter plate for two

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Panaeng Pad and Panaeng Gai

After dinner we wanted to take a walk but it was raining, so we went home and watched TV and fell asleep. It was my first valentine with him and the first happiest valentine I had :).

What did you guys do on Valentine’s Day?


T. Luna

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