Make Up Haul


Hello my lovelies,

today a little box arrived at my home and it was my order from beautybay! It took longer than one week from Great Britain to Germany but that’s okay, it was worth waiting for it! I think it was Sarah from stylive who ordered something from Beautybay and wrote a review about it. Sarah is a German beautyblogger and I think she has a good sense of beauty and make up – go check out her website and follow her 🙂 and thank you for encouraging me to order from this site ! I will definitely do it again and recommend this site to you guys who live in Germany too and spend hours on watching English beauty hauls ;).

I ordered the Morphe 35 W Palette – I heard Jaclyn Hill, an American beauty vlogger on YouTube raving about it all the time and I adore her so much and trust in her opinion so I wanted to give it a try too!
And I am also on the rave of liquid lipsticks, especially the matte ones, so I ordered the LA Splash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick in the color Vampire. Nicole Guerriero, also a beauty vlogger on YouTube was raving about Gerard Cosmetics lip products and I wanted to try that one too! I ordered the Hydra matte Liquid Lipstick in the color Iced mocha.

Of course I saw all these products in YouTube videos from other bloggers, except for LA Splash, I cannot really remember someone mentioning this brand but since they had so beautiful colors I wanted to try one .

And I also bought some stuff at Douglas, the N25 Mac concealer because I needed a new one and have never tried a Mac concealer. I heard only good things about it. And I bought me some NYX Butterglosses. I am totally into Nyx Lipglosses right now but I haven’t had the chance to buy the matte ones yet, the colors I want were always sold out.
I didn’t try any of this products yet , but if you want me to do swatches or a review on them just comment below and I will do it for you guys !
Also, click on the blue underlined words so they will connect you to the bloggers I am referring to and the products I have mentioned 🙂


T. Luna