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Sweet Tofu and Chicken Teriyaki

Usually I don’t really like Udon noodles, because the noodles are way too thick for me. But SASOU has really great noodle dishes!

It is located just next to the apple store in Munich and it is always full of customers. They do not only offer noodle dishes, they also offer vietnamese summer rolls, rice noodles, ramen, sushi and more. But I like to go there to eat the noodle dishes.

My favorite dish there is Yakitori Udon, it’s just chicken in teriyaki sauce, spring onions and snow peas. I always order this dish with sweet tofu …. Mhhhh, so delicious!

You better be hungry if you want to go there, it may look few when you get your noodle soup but it really makes you full!

The prices are a about 10€ each noodle dish, but that’s okay. Therefore you get very delicious food! And if you sit outside, you can still get free Wi-Fi from the apple store haha 😉 .


T. L.

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