Nam Nam

Nam Nam Thai Food

As you already may know, I am a huge fan of Thai Food especially duck with red thai curry and there are a lot of Thai Restaurants in Munich, but sometimes they are a little bit too expensive for me.

But Nam Nam is the perfect place for broke students – I had duck and it was only 10,90€ ! Usually a dish like this costs about 14,90 €. Nam Nam is near the University and it is quite big. It is very calm there and I like to go there because it is not only cheap, they have a very fast service as well! You never wait more than 15 minutes for your food. And I have to say the food is also delicious as well! You also always get a tea before your dish is served for free. Thai people are always so polite, another favorite thai restaurant in Munich of mine is Chang Noi, I spent Valentine’s day there with my boyfriend and I had Christmas dinner there with my friends too.

They also have a happy hour for cocktails : Only 4,90€ ! I have never tried a cocktail there during happy hour, but I think I will go there again soon!

What is your favorite Asian food?


T. L.

你们好! 我狠喜欢吃泰国饭,你呢?一般来说我觉得泰国饭馆在慕尼黑很贵,但是 nam nam 不是。nam nam 离大学很近。服务员在这儿很快,很好吃我狠喜欢去那儿吃烤鸭。