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I remember the nice staff and that juicy meat forever!

I do not only visit every burger restaurant in Munich, I also like to visit burger restaurants in other cities too. When I was in Hamburg, me and two other people I met in the hostel we went out to find something for dinner. And we found the Better Burger Company.

At first I have to say: The staff there is amazing and the nicest people I have ever met! If you want to know why – just take a look at my blog post about my Hamburg Trip 🙂 .

I think the most important thing about a burger is the meat, if it’s too dry it tastes too old for me. But if it’s juicy… mmmhhhh… I’m in heaven. At the Better Burger Company the meat was very juicy and the bread wasn’t too dry too. The salad was also very fresh and I have nothing to complain about that burger. I cannot remember the price, since I didn’t have to pay for it, but I guess it was about 7 Euros, which is not expensive if I compare it to the prices in Munich.

Tell me guys, are you burgerlovers too?



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