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I recently fell in love with dumplings, when I was younger I didn’t really like to eat them, but when I started to study business communication chinese, I also started to try out more chinese food. LeDu – Happy Dumplingsis the first restaurant where I tried dumplings and actually liked it. I have eaten there several times now .

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LeDu Happy Dumplings is a small snack bar, but I like how it is designed. They offer different kind of fillings and also vegetable fillings. Then you can also choose whether you want steamed dumplings or fried. And you can choose between wheat flour dough or rye flour dough. There are quite a lot options! Besides dumplings they also offer 3-5 salads but I have never tried them.

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LeDu Happy Dumplings ( it is on the other side of the street where Nam Nam is)

You can get 6 dumplings for 5 € or 10 for 6,90 € . I think this price is very fair and they taste very good. I am addicted to dumpling since then. LeDu is located near NAM NAM, the thai restaurant I told you about already :).

Tell me in the comments below how you like your dumplings 🙂


T. Luna


我很喜欢吃饺子,你呢?在慕尼黑这儿没有很多饺子饭馆,但是我发现一个方管叫ledu happy dumplings。这个饭馆离慕尼黑的大学很近。他们有肉饺子例如牛肉或者猪肉,这儿也有素食饺子。很好吃!菜也不太贵。

2 comments on “LeDu – Happy Dumplings

  1. Laila says:

    They are really tasty! Tried them today – Thanks for the advice 😉

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    1. Luna says:



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