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I got this product a few weeks ago from l’Oreal in my mailbox and it is the new 6 in 1 shampoo. It says it does not foam and makes your hair soft and moisturized again. It is recommended to dry and sensitive hair and has camellia – oil in it. It is a pretty huge bottle and I tried it for a few weeks now, so here is my opinion about it:


On the description it says you need 10 until 12 pumps for your hair, if it is longer than over your shoulder, you might need 2 or 4 pumps more. I think that explains the size of this bottle.


The consistency of this shampoo is more like a conditioner it is not too liquid , a little bit more solid but not as much as a regular conditioner. It smells really good, I really like it. It is like a nuttily, oily, oriental scent. I am very bad at describing scents, but on the picture you can see which ingredients it has.


I applied it on my wet hair and massaged it well into my hair. It was really awkward for me that it didn’t foam, I am used to the foam while washing your hair. It is hard to dispense the product on the hair properly, that is also why I had to pump a few more times because I thought there wasn’t enough shampoo on my head. After using the shampoo my hair was clean, which was the most important thing I guess.

But you really have to take your time to wash it out in my opinion because if you don’t, there can be some residues in your hair. That happened to me once, especially on the back of my head my hair still felt a little greasy after washing my hair with this product. But in general my hair felt fresh and it didn’t feel heavy at all, which I didn’t expected. Also the lower end of my hair didn’t feel dry anymore, which is always the case in winter.


It is a good smelling product and it does its job, but I personally like a regular shampoo more, because I need the foam to have the feeling that my hair is really clean. But if you are someone who tends to get the shampoo in your eyes then I definitely recommend it. I think I am going to use it for the lower part of my hair since it moisturizes my dry parts really well and I don’t need a conditioner after that.

Did you test this product yet? Let me know in the comments 🙂


T. Luna


2 comments on “Product Review: L’oreal 6 in 1 Shampoo

  1. nayardt says:

    Really informative!

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    1. T. Luna says:

      I am glad to hear that 🙂

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