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This was my first city trip with a car where I was driving all by myself. Usually it takes only two and a half hours from Munich to Hallstatt in Austria – but we drove like 4 hours! Without having any breaks during the ride. We were only three girls, my closest friends and I. There was a lot traffic in the morning, but also when we drove back home, that’s why we took so long.

When we arrived first, we went to the city centre at first. The view to the mountains is breathtaking but my friend Ha was more excited about the little houses there haha. We were hungry and were looking for a restaurant to eat first before we went hiking. Almost every restaurants was closed and when we asked a citizen, he told us, it was because of the season. But we still found a restaurant where we could rest and eat. I already forgot the name of the restaurant but it wasn’t good at all, except the hot chocolate we ordered.

And every where were asian people! This city is very famous, also because it is an UNESCO world heritage.

After our lunch we went hiking to the platform where you have an overview of the city, it was quite beautiful and after that we wanted to see the waterfalls, but it was already too late and we didn’t make it… In the end we just went down the mountains and went to the sea where you can enjoy the mountains. We took some photos there while enjoying the sunset and ate some cake I brought with for us.

It is definitely a must see in a lifetime!


Yeyyyy, finally we arrived after 4 hours!


Of course we need to take a lot of pictures


Our way to the city center



The first platform we reached


Puh, we definitely need to do more sports!


But still motivated 🙂



Yeyyy, finally


The view from above… And then we saw ‘the other’ platform


So beautiful!


Enjoying the sunset



After the sun was gone


Last photo session before we drove back

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