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Featured Foodie: Café Bandlkramerey From Kathrin

This time I have someone from Austria, it is Kathrin, or Kat from the blog from the blog  Seven & Stories where she writes about her favorite things: traveling, books and fashion. Her blog is beautiful! You should definitely take a look at her blog and all the other social media channels she has! She says about herself:

I used to be the ugly duckling right out of your fairytales but know I found my own way in this world. I’m a storyteller, a bookworm and I’m addicted to see new places.


She is a lovely girl and I feel like she likes to seek inspirations everywhere just like me. So this is her favorite food place right now at lake Attersee:

Austrian Style at it’s best – Café Bandlkramerey

I’m not the type of girl that goes out to eat very often. Usually I order a pizza if I don’t want to cook for myself or pay a quick visit to McDonalds, what I hardly ever do. But as I got the chance to write a post about my favorite place to eat I had a panic attack. Well, kind of. Because what restaurant or place should I introduce you to? So I started to write emails to some restaurants and cafés I know and I found one that is said to be very good: The Café Bandlkramerey. I asked for an appointment to visit them and taste their food. And the day arrived quicker than I thought.

Tostmann is a popular Austrian brand for traditional fashion. Last year they opened the Café Bandlkramerey at the end of June. Now back to the food. My mother and I drove to the café and were nicely welcomed. The staff is very professional and the restaurant itself looks very neat and clean. The house itself is over 100 years old which is pretty amazing. The menu changes every week so that the customers are able to experience something new and good. Otherwise they would probably order the same dish every week and won`t taste anything else. But there are also dishes that stay the same. Like breakfast or food that stays in the menu for a good reason. Most of the used ingredients are organic and a huge part of the food on the menu is vegetarian or even vegan. Because the daughter Anna of the Tostmann family is a Vegetarian.

I had the couscous pan with vegetables and it was absolutely delicious. I heard positive voices about the food before and now I can agree with them. My mother was also pleased with the spring onion in batter next to potatoes and chive sauce. We had the opportunity to try both dishes at the same time therefore you see two things on my plate. After that we had some lovely cake and I chose the hot chocolate with Vanilla. I can totally recommend this café to you. Because everyone was so friendly and the whole house has a story to tell. As well as the family that bought it.

The only problem is that many people know about the café and it’s sometimes pretty crowded. Otherwise it is the best way to have breakfast, lunch or dessert when you pay a visit to the beautiful lake Attersee. Which you really should visit if you ask me. It’s one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. Great food, great people, great location. That’s the reason why I chose the Café Bandlkramerey.

If you also want to be featured on ‘Featured Foodie’ send me your blogpost about your favorite food place to: . It should include pictures from your food, the restaurant and a little description about the restaurant and what you like about it :). 

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