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I didn’t make it the last time to write a post about my April favorites, because there were just fashion favorites and I didn’t figure out in time how to photograph the pieces I loved properly. At first I was thinking of doing a lookbook for you, but I don’t have a photographer who could take the photos for me, but I will work on the fashion section, so stay tuned! Please bear with me, I am still learning on how to photograph clothing the right way 🙂

Also this month I have been loving more fashion stuff than beauty stuff, but this was also because I didn’t buy any make up and wanted to update my wardrobe a little bit.


I know, it’s just a waterbottle, but I loooove this bottle. There is no cap you need to put on and it also has a little hanger, where you can carry your bottle easier.


Adidas ZX FLUX

Adidas ZX FLUX

Usually Adidas doesn’t fit me because they produce their shoes just too big and only Nike shoes fit me perfect with the size 36. But I am a big fan of Zalando and love to browse through their shop and I found the ZX Flux again in the kids section ( yey! ) I had to order 34 and I love these shoes! They are so comfortable, I wear them almost e – I think I am becoming a sneakerhead…



A friend of mine has this jeans for so long and she recommended to me to get them too, but I wasn’t sure because jeans are one of the things in my wardrobe I can hardly buy, I am just too small and buying Jeans from regular Jeans brands or even H&M Jeans are difficult to buy, because they are too long and I don’t want to cut my jeans all the time ( I’m just too lazy haha ). So I bought one JONI Jeans in April and fell in love with it, they fit perfectly and are perfectly long. They also sit very tight, which is good and don’t stretch over the time wearing it just like other jeans. Last month I bought another one, a lighter shade and also the JONI in black, but I had to send the black one back, because it didn’t fit well and was too big. It’s awkward, all black jeans I buy are too big, even if they are the same size I usually were with different colors… Why is that so?



I needed a new coat for spring and I fell in love with this beige coat from Zara. It matches a lot of my outfits and it’s not too thin or too thick to wear for the difficult weather time right now. Also, the light shade is very springy and it makes every outfit of mine lighter.



Matching to my Zara coat, I loved these two scarves. The yellow one is really a *boom* color, which I really like and the old rose one also matches to a lot of my outfits in my opinion.



I was looking for a small bag for travelling, I don’t want to carry a big shopper all the time during sightseeing. I found this bag on Zalando ( again ) and the size is perfect! It also has extra straps so you can carry the bag across the shoulder and it still looks nice. I think the trend is going back to small bags again, because I remember when I was 14 or 16 I had tons of small bags, but when I got older everyone had shopper bags and I also bought me some big bags. No I recognize that many people go back to smaller bags again.


Well, at least I have one beauty favorite. It’s the trend it up eyeliner, it has a felt tip and allows me to do sharp winged eyeliners. I had the gel pot from Manhattan but unlike this one, the trend it up one doesn’t smudge at all and it dries really fast.

I guess this would be it, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am starting to work on the fashion category, so I will post a haul soon and maybe I will do a lookbook , if I find a photographer.

I hope you liked this post! Let me know in the comments what you have been loving this month!



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