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Spring Fashion Haul

As I promised, here is my fashion haul. I didn’t make try on photos because I want to do a lookbook soon, so here is what I got in the last two months, some of them are also already in my favorites:


In love with stripes

These tops are so cute and I have always been loving stripes. I was really wondering, since when is Zara so cheap? These tops only cost 6 € a piece


These Carmen tops make every girl into a flirty woman, I love the off shoulder style! But I feel likely naked with it somehow haha, either way, I still love this style and with these flower prints, it looks more girly than sexy.


I mentioned them in my favorites before. I want more of them.



I just love the boho style, it is just the perfect summer style in my opinion. Schmuckrausch currently also has a lot of beautiful bracelets, but I just don’t wear bracelets a lot, so I only bought two necklaces for the beginning. Maybe I’m going back to buy more… But I already have a lot of jewelry, I should contain myself.


Adidas ZX FLUX

Adidas ZX FLUX

They immediately went into my favorites after the first time I wore them.


The first time I saw this statement necklace I didn’t buy it, but two weeks later, I had to have it. It pimps every simple outfit into a fashionable outfit.

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