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Magical Kingslake

Kingslake is probably one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. It is rather a small lake, but it is surrounded by mountains therefore the lake is smaragd green and turquoise, which looks stunning!

I went there with my boyfriend and another friend and his girlfriend, we arrived there about 11 am, which was good, because in the afternoon the lake was pretty crowded, especially the boats! When we arrived, the first thing we did was taking a boat to ship through the lake and enjoy the beautiful view of the nature. We arrived at a hiking trail, but guess what, we did not hike haha. We took hours to arrive at Obersee, a little hidden lake, which is breathtaking ! The reason was or is, Thao Nhi Le, the girlfriend from my good friend is also a blogger, but she is a fashionblogger and she did a little photoshooting with her boyfriend there. She is such a beautiful girl and took amazing photos, if you want to see them, you should check them out on her blog DAPHALE. I wish I could pose like her in the photos, but the only thing I can do is to smile like a little kid into the camera haha.

At kingslake were also a lot of Chinese people, there was even a team to shoot for a weddingcouple – I want that too one day, shooting in the nature is the most beautiful way to create amazing photos.

Because we took too long at one place, we didn’t make it to the ‘Jenner Bahn’ , where you can take a gondola up to the mountains. Our next plan was to take our own boat to float over the lake and watch the sundown, but they didn’t rent boats in the season we went there L. So we just had dinner and drove to Chiemsee, where we chilled at the beach and watched the sundown.

Kingslake is perfect for a daytrip, I can recommend this place to everyone!

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