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Unicity Matcha Tea

Matcha is one of the major trends in the nutrition branch. It comes from Asia and does not only taste good but also has a lot of benefits:

  • detoxifies your body
  • high in antioxidants
  • improves your skin
  • stimulates metabolism
  • increases energy level
  • and many more

I got the chance to try out some matcha products from Unicity, they sent me a package with 4 different flavors, 4 shakers and some coffee too!

Usage: Just mix the powder with 300ml water and that’s basically it.

All these different matcha packages have different benefits:


Natural Focus Matcha

  • enhances your mood
  • helps to build collagen
  • detoxifies
  • increases energy level
  • pleasant in stress situations

This one had a taste of green apple which was definitely not a favorite! I mixed it with water only and it was just too sweet, but with milk it tastes a little bit better. It tastes very sweet and the green apple tastes a little bit artificial to me, but maybe it’s only because I just don’t like the taste of green apple.


  • promotes your physical endurance
  • supports your metabolism
  • contributes to collagen cultivation
  • reduces tiredness and exhaustion
  • supports a clean detoxification
  • provides body and mind with more energy
  • supports weight control

This one tastes pretty good but mixing it with some raspberries and a banana tastes even better. I like to drink it during studying or at night when I get tired and still have to study, it did help me to concentrate better.


Matcha X

  • burns fat 24/7
  • Support against cellulite
  • regulates appetite
  • reduces ravenousness
  • optimal for competitive sports
  • reduces regeneration period
  • beneficial in stress situations

The matcha x ones were my favorite and I really noticed a difference, when I drank it I wasn’t craving for sweets for a whole day. This one also tastes sweet but I feel like the powder has a little bit of cinnamon in it and it is easier to drink than the one with green apple. I also mixed this powder into my regular smoothies and it tastes pretty good. I didn’t know first that you can mix these powders with other ingredients except from water, but you can. What I do is just to cut some strawberries and a banana and add water and the matcha powder and blent it well. I like to drink this after my workouts.

The white bags are for mornings and the black ones are for  afternoons. The Unicity Matcha X AM provides you with more energy through the day and Unicity Matcha X PM supports fat burning and blocks fat intakes.

REMEMBER: ONLY drinking it doesn’t help you to loose weight! You have to do sports too and eat healthy , at least you shouldn’t only eat fast food.

Although they say they only have 2 g of sugar in each bag, it tastes very sweet. I also didn’t like the foam after shaking the powder with the water but if you drink it as a smoothie, the foam disappears.

All of them taste sweet, but adding the powder to a smoothie tastes very very good! The Matcha bag for natural focus is intensively sweet and has a strong taste of green apple, so I didn’t try all the bags, but the other two I can definitely recommend.

What do you think about matcha? And have you had any experience with it? I would love to know in the comments!



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