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Kompania Kuflowa by Anda ( Krakow )

Hello guys,

I have another featured foodie blogger this time for you, it is amazing, how it this is going international :). Today Anda from The Twisted Red Ladybug Blog will tell you a little bit about herself and her favorite place in Krakow, Poland:

I am a Romanian expat living in Krakow, Poland, for more than 5 years now. I was supposed to stay here only for 6 months and then move further to UK or Ireland (I always loved travelling!) but life catches up with you and you never know when true love will hit you like a hammer 🙂 So here I am! I love writing on my blog about Poland and Romania, about my travels and my thoughts as an expat. Expat life can be challenging but also rewarding from time to time 😉 I believe everyone should experience it at a certain time as it develops a set of skills that regularly you never do… Anyway, if ever you are in Poland (and especially in Krakow) and you need some tips and tricks on how to handle the time you have vs. what to do and what to see… just feel free to contact me 🙂

My favorite place is Kompania Kuflowa:

I hope you don’t mind me calling you friends, as once you are reading what I think and feel about one of my favourite places to dine in Krakow, Poland, you should consider me as such 🙂
I never tell such highly guarded to secrets to anyone on the street 😉 so you should feel quite at home now, while I tell you about Sukiennice Kompania Kuflowa. Have you ever heard about Kompania Kuflowa? If you ever lived in Kraków you surely have, and probably ate there a meal or two (possibly with your family or friends). There are 2 restaurants owned by Kompania Kuflowa in Krakow, Poland: one is Pod Wawelem (in Krakow since 1856, right next to the Wawel Castle) and the second one is Pod Sukiennice (in Krakow since 1875, in the Main Market Square). The menu is the same (both in Polish and English language, so don’t stress about not understanding this language that may sound a bit like Harry Potter’s parseltongue!) but I always preffered Pod Sukiennice, as it is always much more quiet and more spacious.



The food served in Sukiennice Kompania Kuflowa is typical Polish (European) food, mainly meat (pork or beef or fish) oriented. If you are a vegan/vegetarian I definitely DO NOT recommend you this place. It is a place for the meat lovers and the meat usually comes in quite large sizes 😉 When it comes to the drinks, I really recommend you the tap beer and if you are a true fan and if you will pair this with some meat heavy portion (probably pork), take the 1 litre portion 😉 you will never know where it went away… If you get beer, you will also be given (free of charge) the additional sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and pickled cucumber. You can never have beer on its its own! There must always be an after-bite! Also, in their menu you will see a recommendation for either “frikadelle with mustard” (kinda like a bit meatball, slices to several pieces) or “oscypek” (mountain cheese from the grill). Both are delicious! (frikadelle is in the picture with the plate with mustard and tomatoe and meat 😉 if you wanna match that)

There is nothing in the menu that I do not like but today I will present to you 3 of our (mine and my other halfs) favourite dishes:

1) The Cheese Platter – entre option that I love. It would make a good starter for even 4 grownups 😉 it is a cold hors d’oeuvre, extremely tasty and filling – we are talking about several types of cheese here! It features a blend of cheeses typically Polish but also non-Polish: sheep cheese (bryndzy), Bulgarian cow cheese, dor blue, Gouda cheese and mountain cheese (oscypek) – type Camembert. Besides it, you will also get some apple, grapes and nuts + a small basket with bread.

sukienicce_ladybug_3 sukienicce_ladybug_4
2) The Fiery Sword – also called in Polish language “Ognista szpada” – one of Kompania Kuflowa’s bestsellers 😉 It is perfect for 2 people, if you are very hungry and you are alone you will still not be able to make it. Trust me! We tried 🙂 You can choose between the 2 versions: pork and chicken, but we recommend you the pork as it is delicious. The chicken sometimes tends to be quite dry :/ but the pork is always finger-licking good. On the long “sword” you will find plums, apricots, onion, pepper, bacon (mouth watering!) and chicken or pork. As a side dish you have both rice and home style potatoes + cabbage + 3 types of sauces: tzatziki (my personal favourite), barbecue (2nd, but comes pretty close!) and ljutenica (hardly ever eat it…). The combination of tastes is amazing and when they bring the dish it is impressive as they bring it with a colored apple that is burning! 🙂 there is about 400 gr of meat there and it is quite heavy, so one portion is recommended for 2 people 😉
3) The Saturday Special: Boiled pork knuckle with baked potatoes – The roasted pork knuckle is always served with traditionally baked potatoes with spices (deliciously yummy) and sauerkraut (marinated cabbage cooked with spices). You also get mustard and horseradish, to spice things up even a bit more. I have ate there pork knuckle numerous times and each time it was mouthwatering marvelous – very well done, warm and tender, it always melts in your mouth.

The Prices:
Kompania Kuflowa accepts only Visa Cards or regular cash pay.
– Cheese Platter = “Deska series z orzechami I winogronami” = 23 zloty
– Fiery sword = “Ognista szpada z kurczaka lub wieprzowiny z boczkiem” = 34 zloty
– Tyskie beer – 1 litre = 15 zloty
– Pilsner Urquell – 1 litre = 18 zloty
– water 0.25 l = 5 zloty
– Hot tea = 6 zloty
– coffee = 6 zloty
– latte = 9 zloty (never tried it but I heard it has a lot of coffeine in it…)
They also have seasonal “kompot” made out of sour cherries or pears – 200 ml for 9 zloty
The Restauracja Sukiennice – Kompania Kuflowa has 69 reviews on TripAdvisor and scores 4 stars out of 5. It is also listed as #245 of 1021 restaurants in Kraków and #268 of 1102 places to eat in Kraków.

Tips and tricks:
#1 If it is your bday that day and you have the ID with you, and you tell them that from the start, they will come sing happy birthday to you and bring you the complimentary piece of chocolate cake – free of charge! 🙂 (this year I tasted it and it was delicious and very sweet!)
#2 Wait for them to bring the check. Don’t go to the counter and pay – it is not customary and you will lose the sour cherry vodka shot. You get that one for free 😉 just be patient!

Of course when it comes to seating options Sukiennice Kompania Kuflowa will make everyone happy. There is a terrace option, on the Main Market Square, there is inside options as well: ground floor, upper level and even in the 15th century basement/cellar. You can also make reservations and celebrating ones birthday there is always a good idea (check ot Tips and Tricks above!). If you are coming with kids, there is no issue as there are special chairs that the waiters can bring you and downstairs there is a changing table if the small ones get you in trouble 😉 There is also a “Kids Menu” – not tested yet, but it looks pretty decent.

There are actually many places in Krakow, Poland, that are worth your time and money 🙂 but probably you should start with this one. We are regulars there so we don’t even look at the menu anymore. We always know what we want! And I hope you will feel as home as we do as well 🙂 Feel free to drop by my blog and let me know how things went! I would love to hear out from you. And you know… Sharing is caring! So The Twisted Red LadyBug will always share more places to visit, so come back soon 🙂

If you also want to be featured on ‘Featured Foodie’ send me your blogpost about your favorite food place to: . It should include pictures from your food, the restaurant and a little description about the restaurant and what you like about it :).

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