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June Favorites

Wow, time passed by so fast and we already have July! My favorites are very mixed this time:

iPad PRO


I sold my old samsung tablet and bought myself an iPad Pro, because I saw on Instagram, how @theblushingscript did some iPadlettering. It looks so impressive and since I am left-handed, the ink tends to smear all over the paper, which can be exhausting. I haven’t bought the Apple Pencil yet because it is so f***ing expensive but I enjoy watching videos on that tablet, the display is so satisfying to look at! I also use it to learn vocabulary and I have to say, Apple has so many more cool apps than Android.



I got this cute little one from the drugstore and I am pretty late on that ‘beauty sponge’ trend. I thought a brush can do the same job as a beauty sponge BUT it doesn’t. Especially for concealer a beauty sponge suits me much better. I tend to drag my whole concealer over my face when I use a brush, with a damp beauty sponge I just feel like my concealer goes into my skin better. Also, I tap on my skin too harsh when I use a beauty sponge, because I have the tool in my whole hand and have more control of it.

This sponge comes in a package for two for 2,99 Euros.



Speaking of using concealer, the MAC Concealer has become my high end favorite. I always used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, but it creased pretty fast even when I set it with powder. The MAC Concealer is my first concealer where I spent more than 10 Euros. Do you guys also love make up which smells good? I love the smell of the MAC concealer, it smells so good! ( Am I weird ?) On some days where I don’t want to wear a full face make up, I only use concealer to cover my red spots.



This foundation is BOMB! I wore this on a shooting day and we had 30 degrees here in Munich and this foundation was still on point after 5 hours shooting, I truly believe in this product! As an oily person this is a dream, especially in summer my skin shines very fast like I poured a bottle of olive oil over my face ( that’s too dramatic but I want you to have something to compare )


I love the lipsticks from Maybelline! They are affordable and very good quality, I already had some lipsticks from high end cosmetics and they aren’t good as drugstore lipstick. However, besides nude colors, rose and pink tone colors are also hard to find for me. I often feel like they make my teeth yellowish and my skin even more yellow. I also can’t wear too bright pink colors and rose tones are often still too pinkish. Pink Fling is the perfect tone for me and it still looks natural though, which I like a lot. And this lipsticks smells good too.


IMG_3668 IMG_3671


In summer I like to wear natural make ups, since I am in the flow of finding matching nudes to my lips I had to try Maybelline’s new product. I chose to try out ‘nude thrill’ and I really like it. I think this year is going to be my year of lipsticks and liquid lipsticks…


My lashes 3D Lashes ( my customer )

I am doing lashes for two years now and I LOVE it! Time flies by so fast when I do lashes for my customers, but I have never had lashes on myself. My friend and co-worker did my lashes for the first time in May and since then I do understand my customers when they say, they get addicted. It is so convenient, you don’t have to worry about your eye make that some mascara is coming off in summer because you are sweating so hard. If you are in Munich and want an appointment, just send me a message in Instagram! ( @thuyxluna )




I didn’t like the smell of this mask in the beginning, but after a while I got used to it and now it smells for me like fresh skin ( does that make sense to you ? ). This mask exfoliates your dead skin and it leaves a fresh feeling. A lot of masks tend to leave my skin still sticky even after rinsing it with water twice, but this one doesn’t. I like it when a mask leaves my skin fresh and ‘dry’.



It does look cute, right?

I have wanted a jar like this for AGES but I was always too stingy to spend ‘so much’ money  (6 -8 Euros on amazon ) on something I actually don’t really need. But I found this jar in a shop for only 1,99 Euros, so I bought it immediately. It looks so cute and I love to take photos with it. That’s probably the only reason why I bought this smoothie jar. However, it is cute to look at.

So I hope you found something in this post you want to try out too! I am heading to Asia soon, so prepare for new exciting content!



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