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I went to Berlin recently with my boyfriend, because he has never been there and Berlin offers you a lot of good restaurants. We only stayed in Berlin for two days, so we had to decide, what we want to eat and the selection is huuuuge! Berlin has a lot of Asian food to offer, not like Munich and we both love burgers and Asian food. We discovered Shiso Burger and went there on our first day. The drinks we ordered, are delicious, I had a lemon lychee ice tea and my boyfriend had the Shiso ice tea.

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The service was fast and friendly, we both ordered the chili lemon burger. Usually I cannot eat spicy food, but in this burger it was ok, I think they put Siracha in their sauce. Also the fries are homemade, which I like a lot and the bun was made of a Vietnamese dough, which is called banh bao in our country. A good burger to me is, when the bun and the meat is not to dry and in this case, it was perfect. You should definitely go and try it out!

The Chili Lemon Burger was delicious

Shiso Burger is located in Kreuzberg, which is a very popular quarter there. A lot of young people meet there and the quarter is filled with good looking and tasty restaurants, but you can also shop there in boutiques. In my opinion it should be ‘Berlin is always a good idea’.

Have you been to Berlin yet? What are your favorite spots?



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