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Wow, we are already in August and I will be in Asia in a few days! I can’t believe how fast the time passes, but who can? Anyway, this month I haven’t had a lot of favorites, maybe because I was too busy with exams and other preparations for China. BUT I have discovered a few Apps I really like 🙂



I LOVE my sunglasses! Usually I am not a collector of sunglasses, I always have one and wear it until it’s broken or until I loose them. But this summer, SIX Accessories nailed it, I fell in love with so many models and they are cheap as well! I have never spent more than 20 euros on sunglasses and I am very happy with those I have and purchased


IMG_3518 IMG_3519

I was looking for a good highlighter for at least two months now and I didn’t want to spend more than 40 dollars on a Anastasia Beverly Hills one because I wanted to try highlighters first. I was looking in drugstores but they didn’t have any highlighter at all, but I recently saw one from Catrice and it is only 4 Euros ( maybe I will get that, because I am a little make up addict ). Anyway, I passed the INGLOT Store in Munich by chance – I didn’t know we have one here in Munich! Of course I had to get into the store and check out what they had to offer and I discovered the highlighters. The sales woman was so nice and assisted me with my decision, although I didn’t want to spend 23 Euros on a highlighter, I still bought it. And I don’t regret it! I am so obsessed with this highlighter I get almost excited to put this sh*t on my face. It is powdery and not very creamy, but that’s okay for me and you can layer your highlight to get more shine.


I love espadrilles, unfortunately I have too small feet. That’s why it is really difficult for me to find a good pair of shoes. When I was looking for some summer shoes I stumbled upon these nice pair of espadrilles. Usually kids shoes are decorated with flowers, colors and so on, but these ones were simple. I think shoes are the only clothing item where I need it simple neutral. These shoes are very comfortable from the beginning I wore them! I think I will buy me some more…



If you love to put texts on your photos for instagram, then I can really recommend you this one. It is easy to  use and they have a lot of fonts. You can also add some illustrations on your photos, just like this one here:

I like to add some colors to my hand lettering before I post them on instagram.

This app is for free, but only on iOS, I think Android phones have to pay for this app, but it is worth it! You can also get more fonts if you want to buy them – I only bought one package for 2,99 Euros and I got a bunch for it!


What are your favorites?




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