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What? August is already over? I haven’t had the time to think about my life recently, that is also why I didn’t wrote a post about my thoughts in July. So grab yourself a coffee or some snacks because I have a lot to say this time 😉

So much is happening right now and I have so many plans I want to realize immediately. But when you think you have your life under control, it’s getting out of control again.

By that I mean before I went to Asia I had the feeling that everything is going to be in its place, but because I had to go to Asia and study abroad, I had to left everything undone.
All my plans have to wait now until I am back and I am not really excited for Asia because I don’t like to wait for taking my plans into actions.
But it’s something I cannot change and time is passing by like crazy, so I hope the time in China will be great but I also want to be back as soon as possible so I can carry on with my plans and projects.
By the time you read this post I am already in China and trying to figure out how to survive there. Right now I am anxious, not only because I am afraid of being not understood, but also kidnapped and so on. My family in Vietnam and my parents are scaring the sh*t out of me with their stories how dangerous China is and how much they hate Vietnamese people is and what they do to each other.
Maybe that’s a reason why I am not really happy about studying abroad anymore but I don’t believe in generalizing a nationality, that’s just bullsh*t.
But I was most concerned about my dorm room, getting one or not because some of my studies didn’t get a room, so they have to live in a hotel first and then go looking for a flat in China! It is so difficult to find a flat when you are not in the country yet.
So this was my biggest fear and the nightmare came true when I had to sign in for a dorm room at university. They were completely booked! Fortunately I have a friend who is studying with me and is also going to the same university abroad and has some contacts in China. I still have to wait now if I will get a room now or not, my friend told me there is someone in a high position who will give us a room for sure, but we don’t have an answer yet. Well, let’s see.
I am not that type of person who likes to worry too much anyway. I think I will know how to survive then.
But I don’t know how to survive without a mobile phone in a foreign country where the language is so complicated and where you can be easily missunderstood.
Since the beginning of 2016 I have nothing but problems with mobile phones! I switched from LG to iPhone 6s and then I had to return the iPhone twice and now it’s broken again! But I don’t trust asian shops, everyone says they are using low quality products to exchange parts of your phone and my iPhone still has a guarantee here, it is only 2 or 3 months old! It sucks so hard, it is my 4th phone this year and I have nothing but trouble! My friends say it’s because I use Snapchat too much, but whatever I don’t want to ramble about my mobile phone issues here on my blog.
I don’t want to judge too early but I feel like this year is not really my year, I have bad luck so many times but I could dim the damage a little, but not little enough. So, I hope this year is going to end good.
Well, I think I have much more to say but I feel like it’s more about mourning about my bad life right now, so I just stop here and wish you all a happy day and we’ll see us on Instagram or Snapchat if you follow me 😉



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