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Da Nang – Samdi Hotel Review

I was in Da Nang twice now and I feel like it has become more beautiful than before! I love the South so much, even the food is delicious. Usually they put sugar in everything but in Da Nang the food is just perfect. I went again with my family, my aunt and another cousin and we visited our grandaunt there. But we were staying in a hotel in the city not like last time, when we were at a hotel near the ocean.
The Samdi Hotel is a five star hotel and regarding German prices, it is so cheap! We only paid 40 € a night per person, but you received five star service!
When we arrived at the airport the pick up service was already there and we didn’t had to wait. The drive was only 5 minutes long, so it is very near the airport but still central. At the hotel there is always someone outside open the cardoors and holding up an umbrella to protect us from the rain or the sun. Man, I felt so VIP every time the hostess did that haha.
At our check-in they took care of our luggage, explained everything we needed to know and welcomed us with a drink and some cookies. We also received two body massage coupons.
Usually we ( by that I mean vietnamese people ) don’t think that vietnamese people can be or are professional because they always try to take more money from us in every situation.

The hotel has a 3D cinema, a swimming pool, a fitness and a yoga room and a restaurant. The fitness room was amazing, it was in the 19th floor and you could see the skyline in the night during your workout!
The hotel rooms are so beautiful! They are big, clean and very luxurious in my opinion and 40 € per night is an amazing price. My room had a living room and a bedroom with a big office desk which was perfect, so I could work during the night every time we came home from sightseeing. The most important thing to me in a hotel is the bathroom and at Samdi Hotel it was super chic.
We only had breakfast during our stay at Samdi but I have to say, the food was very good. They had great variations to offer, you could have pho noodle soup for breakfast or bread and cereals. They change the menu every day a little so it never gets boring eating breakfast there.

Da Nang is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam and even the beach is just mesmerising! Unfortunately I didn’t go swimming this year but that’s okay to me. On our last day we went to the city at night and had some coffee and then we walked home from there to our hotel. Da Nang is a must see at night! It has beautiful bridges there, especially the dragon bridge! The dragon bridge is changing colors and when you walk over that bridge you can see all other attractions! My cousin who moved there from the North told me that the dragon spits fire on special days but he has never seen it, I hope I will see it one day!
Another must see during the night is the love bridge, not far away from the dragon bridge!
Basically everything is worth seeing when you are in Da Nang. You should also check out Ba Na Hills if you have the time! I was there the last time when I went to Da Nang, but I wasn’t blogging yet, so I don’t want to put on old photos because the locals also told me, that they restaurated this place and it is completely new now. But what I know is, that you still get there with a cable car because it is on top of a hill and you will get amazing photos and an amazing view!
Nearby Da Nang are a lot of places which is worth visiting just like Ngu Hanh Son, Cu Lao Cham and Hoi An.
I have to split these post so you won’t have to read too much and get overflowed by informations and pictures!
Stay tuned for my next post about Ngu Hanh Son!




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