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Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal


Our Food

Our Food


I finally found an Indian restaurant in Munich which totally convinced me! It’s the Taj Mahal, it is only a few minutes away from my house and it’s my new favorite Indian restaurant. When I lived in Regensburg, Ganesha was my favorite Indian restaurant because they had so good food and the service and the prices were amazing! I have never found another restaurant as good as Ganesha until now.

Taj Mahal is not far away from the metro station and it is easy to find. The waiters are very friendly and even if there’s a big street next to that restaurant, it isn’t noisy at all when you sit outside.

The service was fast and friendly, an appetizer was served when we waited for the food and the food came so fast!!! Also the restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and I loved the atmosphere when we sat outside.

I always order chicken when I eat Indian food, I can really recommend Chicken Korma – I just love the coconut sauce here! Or Indian Sauce in general, I always drain the rice in sauce. The Safran rice at Taj Mahal is also delicious and the waiter served us the rice very courteous. The Naan bread as a side dish was also perfect, it was not too mellow, it was a little crispy, which I love.

Do you love Indian food? What is your favorite dish?



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