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When I was in Da Nang ( at Ngu Hanh Son )

When I was in Da Nang we went to Ngu Hanh Son, Cu Lao Cham and Hoi An all in one day, which was a little tiring, so I would recommend you to do every thing separate on one day, so you can take your time enjoying it! Or you can do Ngu Hanh Son and Cu Lao Cham on one day but for Hoi An you should definitely take one day! All these places are not far away from Da Nang, so if you stay a little longer in Da Nang I recommend you these places, especially Hoi An!
Traveling with my family is not really fun and I don’t even know why my mother wants to do that sightseeing when she always rushes us. If you don’t have time to enjoy the sightseeing there is no point to do it in my opinion.
But whatever, Ngu Hanh Son is a big cave and we had a tour guide with us who explained us everything. I didn’t understand everything because my Vietnamese is not on that high level to understand the words which comes from Buddhism. And I don’t really understand south vietnamese well.
The cave symbolizes hell and there are several punishments for each sin. In the cave you can actually see what kind of punishment if you for example cheat on your wife or husband. The girlfriend from my cousin told me later that you shouldn’t go there with your boyfriend or girlfriend because after that you will break up. And well, she knew quite a few couples who broke up after visiting this cave together.

But Ngu Hanh Son does not only offer this karma cave, there is also a mountain peak which you can reach with an elevator. I only went there for a few minutes and had to take photos like a paparazzi because my mother rushed me so hard. It is a breathtaking place, you have a beautiful view over Ngu Hanh Son, the beach and the landscape. You can walk around up there and visit a temple, also the view is amazing!







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