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Hoi An or also the city of lamps is a beautiful small town with lots of little boutiques and shops and little streets to walk through. Nearby is a river where you can take a little boat tour and make a wish at night by letting a candle light wrapped in paper as a flower into the water.
Hoi An has a very ancient charm and I loved walking through the streets just enjoying the atmosphere.
There is a quarter called the ‚walking street‘ and is only allowed for peasants, motorcycles are not allowed there so you can walk relaxed through the streets.
I wish I could have spent one night there, but we had to go back to Da Nang to our hotel and I didn’t get to see everything there. You should definitely spent one day and one night there to experience the charme of this city!
Everyone can speak English in Hoi An and I met so many German groups who were getting customized tuxedos and dresses there!


Just a little tip when you bargain on the streets: Most of the time every item you want in the shops there you can find in another shop. I realized that most of them only went down maximum 70.000 VND from their price they told me, but you can check if they take too much!

Just go ask at few shops how much they would take, that way you find out the real price and bargain with them too!

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