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5 Ways to Keep Up Your Motivation

As a student I always question the meaning of life when I have exams – most of the time ONLY when I have exams. That means I question my whole life twice a year haha. But I always find ways to keep on going with my studies and I want to share my methods with you, maybe it can help you if you struggle with your studies or something else you are currently doing


I am a person, who needs a goal to keep on going that is why I always try to set specific goals, so I know what to do. Set yourself little goals, so you can achieve them easier. Don’t set yourself goals like ‘study 8 hours everyday’ when you know it is impossible, it would be better if you say ‘today I am going to repeat one chapter of the course’ or ‘study  8 hours a week’ – but then you really have to study these  8 hours! Looking on your phone doesn’t count! And if you already have set your goals, think about why you haven’t reach it yet? Maybe your goal you have set is too big right now and it is difficult to achieve? Adjust your goals, or seperate them into many little goals and you will get to your big goal step by step.


If you are in a down, make a list of the things you have already reached to be a step closer to your goal. It will open your eyes about how far you have come and why should you quit now when you’ve come so far?


If you are like me and always want to buy everything in this world, then see the things as a reward you get for achieving something. I like to reward myself with lipsticks when I did well on my exams for example. If I did not do well on my exams, I don’t reward myself yet, I set a new goal, so I can achieve it and then reward myself. Do something good for yourself!


When I studied political science, I lost my motivation a few times and even wanted to quit, but I am glad I talked about this problem with my friend and she motivated me to keep on going, she also helped me finish the studies. I am so thankful to have her ! It is good if you have someone you can talk with them about your goals, sometimes we are stuck and a different perspective from another person might help you to figure out how to find a new way to achieve your goal.


Watch TED speeches to see things from a different angle. The speeches often have some good tips too on how to deal with certain things and it might help you to find back your motivation.

I hope you liked this post and are motivated now, to start the new semester! What are your goals? And what motivates you and how do you achieve them?

Love from Shanghai


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