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My las trip in Vietnam was to Bai Dinh and Trang An. I always believed that the South has much more to offer than the North, but when I travelled to Bai Dinh and Trang An for a day trip I totally changed my mind.

Bai Dinh has the biggest temple in Asia, it is so calm and relaxing just to walk through this temple. It wasn’t crowded that day because it was super hot, but I recommend you to go there on a colder day, I almost collapsed when I climbed the many stairs! I didn’t make it to the big statues on top of the place, it was just too hot and I was so exhausted.

After that tiring walk through the enormous temple we went straight to Trang An. There we bought some tickets to get a ride with the boats. We had to take two boats because we were 9 people, my aunts and my uncle and their kids. And of course my mother and my brother. We rowed through a beautiful landscape and even went through some caves. Even if it was still hot we enjoyed the ride on the boat and we made a race when we got back. Everyone helped the scullers to row the boat and we passed so many other boats. My uncle is one of the funniest relatives I have and he shouted the whole way back so everyone could hear him throughout the ride, but it was a funny day and I really enjoyed this little family trip.


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