The Victorian House

The Victorian House is in my opinion the perfect place for a brunch! Munich has so many cafes where you can brunch, but I think the Victorian House is one of my favorites. Not only because it is so nearby my home, but also because I really like the British interior there and the variation of teas they offer!

The Victorian House in Munich has 5 different locations, but I have only visited one so far, you have so many options for brunch there, every time I visit this cafe, I try something new and they have never disappointed me. Also the service is great!

You don’t really have to wait too long for your food and each portion is big enough to get full. The last time I went there, I ate ‘St. James’ 3 fried eggs mixed with sausage, tomatoes and bacon. It was so good! You also get the typical beans from Great Britain and orange marmalade with bread.

I met these two nice women and we talked about the delicious food!

I really recommend you this place if you love the British atmosphere and a good afternoon tea!