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Still in Shanghai and still two more months to go and I’m already planning what I have to do when I come back to Germany! I can’t wait to check all the things on my to- do list!

But besides this, I finally regained my creativity and I have so many ideas for Luna And Soul as well!

I’m actually ready to come back to Germany but I also enjoy my time here in China because I recognize how my Chinese improves day by day and I am so proud of me every time when I had a good small talk or when a local Chinese understands me immediately when I say something, even if it’s only ‘ how much is it? Can you give me a bag for that?‘. But it’s the small things that matter.

Also Fall is finally coming slowly into this city, it is getting colder and I can’t wait until I can wear Fall make up looks and wear Fall clothing! I hope Fall and Winter is not that rough like everybody who has been here told me.

But it is still a constant up and down here, one moment I am so motivated to learn Chinese and I am in love with this city, the next moment I hat the whole life here. But what I certainly know is, that I won’t regret this time here, so I am always just down for a few minutes and then everything is fine.

How was your October?




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