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My first trip in China was to Nanjing, I travelled with five other girls and we were super excited since it was the first time we travelled together in this new semester. We had to get up very early to take the train and when we arrived it was raining so hard! Thankfully we were staying there just for one day and we visited two wonderful places: The Confucius Temple and The Mausoleum Sun Yat Sen.

The Confucius Temple is quite big and full of green, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the Confucius Temple photos on my camera 😦

BUT! I still have some on on my phone!

After the Confucius Temple we went to the mausoleum and I didn’t expect the view from the top of this place would be so amazing! It was windy, foggy and rainy but still so beautiful! The view from above was so mystical and magical! We enjoyed the view so much but couldn’t be there long enough since it was pretty cold because of the wind.

I would recommend you to stay one day or two days in Nanjing, the city itself is definitely not comparable to Shanghai!


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