Hefu Noodle ( Shanghai )

Hefu Noodle is the best noodle soup restaurant I’ve ever had so far! I am not really into beef ( except beef burgers ) in noodle soups, but Hefu Noodles serves the best noodles with the best beef! The meat is so tender and I already went there twice to have it! It really is like heaven in my mouth, but you should watch out, since the soup is freaking hot!

The concept is quite good, you can have your meal there and read some books in a Japanese kind of flair.

The prices are not that expensive in my opinion, a bowl of noodle soup is about 35 until 40 RMB, which is about 5 -6 €.

I found Hefu Noodle twice in Shanghai, one is located in 五角场 and the other one is in 南京东路, but I am sure they have more restaurants, just go to their website