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Hangzhou and Suzhou was my second trip in China and we stayed one day in each city.

Our first stop was to Hangzhou, it is said that this is one of the most beautiful places in China. Hangzhou has a beautiful west lake – but to be honest, I think German lakes are more beautiful. Since we went there during the golden week it was quite crowded, but not as crowded as I expected. We were five girls again and we decided to take a boat and row it by ourselves. The first five minutes we rowed in a circle because we didn’t know how to control our paddles, but we figured it out, so we rowed to the middle of the sea and enjoyed the silence around us. After that we went to the city, Hangzhou is quite similar compared to Shanghai, a lot of modern buildings and very clean. We didn’t see a lot because we only spent one day in Hangzhou, but it was a funny day.

img_4877 img_4879 img_4880 img_4881 img_4883 img_4885 img_4886 img_4910 img_4912 img_4914 img_4939 img_4963 img_4890

The Venice Of China

The next day we went to Suzhou and fortunately we were lucky with the weather there as well, Suzhou is a lot smaller than Hangzhou but I must say I prefer Suzhou a lot more because it still has this Chinese charme even with all that tourism in the city. Suzhou is also called the Venice of China and we took a little boat tour through the canals of Suzhou. The homes of the people there were beautiful even if they looked a little shabby. But that was probably the charme of Suzhou. I would go back to Suzhou every time, just to take a walk there and stroll through the little alleys.



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