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Beijing is one of the cities I’ve never imagined I would visit one day, I’ve never thought I would visit China in general.

When I arrived at the Beijing station, I already knew I will love this city. Compared to Shanghai it is indeed more traditional but I love it. The hutongs smell like my homecountry and I felt like I was home when I strolled through these little streets.

My Italian friend and I stayed in Beijing for 4 days and I thought in the beginning it would be too much and 3 days should be enough, but I’m glad we were there for 4 days and afterwards I think 4 days weren’t even enough, but we got to see the main attractions.

The days were packed with sightseeing and we took our time to enjoy everything and didn’t rush at all, I think I’ve never had such a relaxed sightseeing tour in my entire life. We always spent a whole day on one place and took a lot of photos and videos and just enjoyed the view of all these amazing buildings! I love that the buildings are all in red, since it is my favorite color and symbolizes luck in a lot of Asian countries.

Day 1

Tian’anmen Square And The Forbidden City

On our first day we went to Tian’anmen Square and The Forbidden City because it was close to our Hostel called ‘Leo Hostel’ and also close to each other. You can take a look at Mao’s body if you want to, but we didn’t, we went straight to The Forbidden City which is really impressive! The Forbidden City is huge and we spent 3 hours in there and we didn’t get to see everything!

Day 2

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace was probably my favorite attraction in Beijing, it is beautiful and is also like The Forbidden City super big! We spent 8 hours in there and tried to explore every corner of this place and even got kind of lost in there.

Day 3

The Great Wall

We booked a tour with our hostel to get there and I would recommend you to do the same if you want to visit The Great Wall otherwise it will take you hours just to get there. The tour we booked costed us 280 RMB per person but the ticket to the wall, a lunch and the transportation is all included and I think it is a tolerable price because we didn’t need to worry where to get off and how to get there.

The tour guide took us to Badaling Wall, which is not crowded at all and we had 3 hours to hike along The Great Wall. Don’t underestimate The Great Wall, we hiked 6 km in 3 hours and it was super exhausting and on our way back my legs started shaking because the stairs are uneven, one step is just 3 cm high but the next one is 70 cm high and it is a good workout! I was very proud of me that I didn’t collapse and enjoyed a breathtaking view.

dsc_7585 dsc_7600 dsc_7605 dsc_7621 dsc_7650 dsc_7656 dsc_7660 dsc_7661 dsc_7687 dsc_7692 dsc_7700 dsc_7703

Day 4

The Temple Of Heaven And The Pearl Market

The Temple Of Heaven is a beautiful place and a good last stop if you don’t have that much time anymore or want to combine with other attractions. Also this place is huge and we probably could have walked there for hours, but we just walked around in there in 2 hours, because after a while it just got too cold! And since we got time left we also went to the Pearl Market, which was just across the street. The Pearl Market is a big building and also kind of a fake market, but we also have one in Shanghai.

The Temple Of Heaven

My friends from Germany and Italy

I love the colors of the ancient buildings in Beijing!

Also The Temple Of Heaven was a really big place

I can’t express how much I fell in love with Beijing and for me it is definitely worth a visit even if the pollution is kind of scary. Luckily we had sunny good days and the pollution was ‘okay’. I would recommend everybody to see Beijing at least once if you are in China!

I also made a video during my travel to Bejing, here is the link to it, I hope you enjoy watching it!


I’m trying to do more videos on youtube as well, regarding beauty, but my blog will be still regurlarly updated!

Love you guys!




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