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Dozo Izakaya Shanghai is quite a new restaurant and located near the Jing’An Temple at West Nanjing Street in the Weelock Plaza and serves fresh sea food. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of sea food and I’ve never had sashimi in my entire life before, but the first night my Korean friend took me and two other friends to that place, I tried a lot of things for the first time.

Usually I am careful when it comes to sea food and in China I am even more careful because I never know how fresh the food really is.

But Dozo serves only the best from the best and the first night I went full in and tried oyster, sashimi and even wagyu for the first time. Every dish is exquisitely arranged and we barely could hold ourselves back. When our hotpot came we couldn’t stop staring at this SHIP which came to our table, everything is so artful and even the drinks were an artwork! The drinks are very good there and I can really recommend this place if you just want to drink something as well.

The atmosphere is great, the music is not too loud there and this is very important to me in a restaurant. The staff is super friendly and professional and on Fridays they have a drum show, which is amazing!

It is definitely an experience to go there and have a great time with great food and great friends!


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