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My 2016 – The Year Of Ups And Downs

Another year passed by and I still know how I felt when I founded LUNA AND SOUL. I put so much effort in this and I would never have expected that I would be still blogging! But apparently I finally found something I love to do and this year I invested even more into LUNA AND SOUL.

But besides my blog, one of the biggest events this year was or is, is my semester abroad. Most of my ups and downs that I experienced concerned this semester abroad, but I am glad that I came here. I would have never thought that I would be able to speak, read and write CHINESE! That’s awesome!

Living abroad for a period of time was always on my Big To Do List and finally I can check this to- do! It was a great experience and I don’t regret my second bachelor now, because of my second studies I got this opportunity.

Throughout the year I changed my point of view on a lot of things and I reached a lot of personal goals. Also my future becomes clearer and clearer to me, maybe because I’m getting older and I need to have a plan now haha.

I didn’t have to work a lot this year, so I had more time to concentrate on the things I love to do, such as blogging and planning my life ( yeah, that is truly a hobby, I like to organize and plan my life ). I received a lot of rejection letters from companies where I applied for a position in the marketing department and it demotivated me for 5 minutes only, but I still keep trying to get a job in this branch.

I want to create things for other people which make them happy and motivate them to enjoy life, I saw the other side of a living will a few times this year, but I fought and I am really proud of myself and I am more and more convinced that I don’t want to be just anyone. I want to have at least a little impact on this world and it should be a good one.

How was your 2016? What was your biggest achievement this year?



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