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What I love most about a new year is that everything feels fresh and new and I am much more motivated. 

I always write my resolutions down and strive to be a better self every year. Sometimes it works sometimes don’t. I stopped on writing things down which are almost impossible to reach ( by that I mean trying to have sexbomb body every year, sure I could reach it, but I also know how high my laziness level is )

So here are my resolutions for this year which I want to share with you guys and I hope you are as motivated as me !


This is something which really annoyed me the last few month and I tried to change it already for a while now. I want to take better photos and I don’t want to publish a blogpost anymore if I am not a 1000% satisfied with it! That doesn’t mean I just write something in my blogpost so I can post it. I want the pictures to be perfect and the text has to express my thoughts more precisely.

The last few months I was quite unhappy, also because of the circumstances how I got to take the photos. I’m getting nervous when I know people are waiting for me until they can eat their food just because I want to take some pictures for my blog. But every time I didn’t do it I regretted it so much.


This comes within my problem to create good content. Good content for me is, when the words I am writing are exactly describing how I feel and I want to make sure that it does. Most of the times I write how I would speak, but that also means that I often write ‘ I feel like…’ and use words which I don’t need in a written text. Sometimes it sounds to me like I would stutter in a written language and I still feel like you don’t understand me a 100% or what I’m trying to say.

But in general I want to be able to express myself better because most of the time I am all over the place.


I was all over the place the last few years, but from time after time I felt like I’m getting to the place where I want to be. But for my blog, it is a mess. So I’m trying to focus on less topics to give you more valuable content. Wow my resolutions are all about my blog.


When I was little I loved to read, there were weekends were I spent the whole day at home and read 20 books ( I know, it’s crazy but it’s true ). I used to love thrillers, romance, fantasy, … Almost every genre! Nowadays I have the feeling I don’t read enough, but when I did, it was something on an electronic device. I want to change that. The last year I read a few good books, probably just 4 books and that is not enough!

I like to read books which motivates you, but I also like books which fires my imagination. Just as Harry Potter. When I read Harry Potter And The Cursed Child I could imagine all the scenes so clearly in front of my eyes and it literally felt like I was in a different world. Maybe I’m not searching long enough for good books, because I find that it is hard to find a good book nowadays.

These are my big resolutions for this year, what plans do you have this year?

Don’t forget that it is never too late to start something new and it doesn’t have to be a new year so you can start, every day is a new chance to make your life better and to enjoy it!

I have so many plans and I can’t wait to get back to Germany to start!




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