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Taking risks and chances 

This month was all about coping with all the usual things in life: work, social life and love life. It’s been already more than a month since I am back but I still struggle with a lot of daily matters.

Even though I’m drowning in to-dos, insecurity, the fear of the future and many other negative emotions, I still managed my feelings at the end of the month and I hope this insecure side of me won’t show up in a while now.

I was insecure about a lot of things, I was and am still working on a project, but many obstacles are making it really difficult to work.

Also I am not really happy with my new job so I had to rethink all the things I want in my career life. Right now I don’t have a lot of time to check all of my to dos, I am working in a 9 to 5 job and after that day I always just want to go to bed and sleep. So there is not much time left to do other things.

A few might have already forgotten their New Years resolution…

I personally still have them in my mind. I wanted to take every chance I get in life to enjoy life to the fullest and I did it this month with the help of a friend, she pushed me and we went to an App launch party in Munich. I originally planned not to go after I was invited because I was thinking that there are so many strangers and I felt a little uncomfortable with that thought- going to an event where I don’t know anyone. In the end I am happy I went there, it was really fun!


Usually I am very optimistic, this month my optimism was almost completely gone but I am so grateful to have friends who are pushing me and believe in me.

The year is still young, don’t forget your resolutions! You can do it 🙂


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