Queen Of Tarts ( Dublin )

Queen Of Tarts really deserve its name. It is a small café located in the Dame Street, they also have a bigger café around the corner but I decided to go to the smaller one ( also because I didn’t know they had a bigger one around the corner ). It is a cozy café with a delicious smell of baked cakes in the air. They have a wide range of breakfast, lunch and brunch, I decided to try the Smoked Bacon and Leek Potato Cakes with poached eggs and roasted cherry tomatoes. The service is really friendly and fast and a lot of people came and went into that sweet café. My breakfast tasted delicious and even though I was full, I still had to try one of those tarts and I am glad that I did! The display of all the sweet things made the choice really hard but in the end I decided to have the chocolate, pear and almond tart and I wished, I could eat this forever when I tasted it, it is soooo good! If you ever stop by in Dublin, you have to have breakfast or lunch or brunch there! Or at least take a tart home with you!

I would come to Dublin again just for the tarts… And for the nature. Eating tarts in the nature should be my plan next time haha.

What is your favorite breakfast spot in Dublin?