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In the past I doubted my skills and I wasn’t sure if I was good enough for the job of my dreams, but I finally got the chance to prove my abilities!

I got hired as a social media manager and I am so so so happy! I am also going to announce something big very soon! If you follow me on Social Media you might already know what I am working on, if not, follow me or stay excited! 🙂

Besides this, March was rushing through in seconds for me and university started again.I am really glad this will be over in one year, until then I need all the strength and consistency to get through this.

I also started to surround myself more with positive people and I actively avoid people with negative vibes. I wanted to do this for a long time now but I didn’t really do it actively. I bonded with some amazing people and also some girls I knew for a long time now, but we never hang out or had a lot of contact because we are all so busy and just couldn’t see each other. At least we started texting each other and the support I receive from all those positive people means so much to me, even if I don’t know how to show it properly.

Their support does not only lift me and my mood, it also feels like I am not facing my fears completely alone and I definitely feel stronger.

Words can be so powerful sometimes, but unfortunately in both directions.

I often see negativity on social media coming from women towards other women and this year I began to start supporting and sharing other women who support each other and do not spread hate over the internet. Of course I still support men as well, but I am trying to support women more now, I think we women are just too easy to insecure and it’s just not good for us to drag each other down. There is no sense in doing that.

All the main inspiration came from the youtuber Superwoman, she fascinated me by her funny videos, her project and how she supports other people.

I hope you support me in this project as well, so we can make a bigger change and spread the love ( I sound like a hippie, but who cares )

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