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We all know this scene: You have tons of things to do, but most of the time you end up feeling like you did nothing and the fact is: you really did.

I am struggling with it too, but I managed how to get at least important things done:


As an obsessive list lover, I always make lists for different things: Grocery lists, things that need to be done for work lists, things that need to be done for studies lists and so on. It may sound like I am doing a list for every tiny little thing, but I guarantee you, it helps you staying organized and when you can mark off something, you feel like you have done something and it motivates you to do the next thing on your list just so you can mark it off.


There are things that need to be done right now and things that can still wait for two more days. Set priorities! If you have to hand an important document for your work in within a few days, you may do that rather than doing something else which has no deadline for example.


The thing that distracts me the most, is my cellphone. It is always with me and I always look on my phone every few minutes, even if don’t get a message – that’s the sad new generation, huh ? It bothers myself too, getting distracted from my phone while I am studying or doing something else important. I am just that kind of person who cannot study at home, because then suddenly the fridge keeps calling me or I find my room very dirrty and distracting. That is why I am going to libraries for studying and put my phone away in the lockers. Go look for the perfect place where nothing can distract you from your important task.


The most common reason why I couldn’t get things done was always because I haven’t had enough time. I was always trying to finish things between two other tasks. So take your time for one task until you finish it and THEN handle the next one! I also write down from when I will do what and when it had to be done. It is also challenging for myself and I love challenges!

I hope these tips will help you to get things done easier! Let me know how you get things done and do you have any tips for me?



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