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My dream came true!

Some of you may already know, I finally took the step and fulfilled my dream and opened my own online shop!

I’ve always been dreaming of being my own boss, but I never got the guts and the right idea to realise my dream. Now I finally wanted to take the chance and founded LUNAMIÈRE.

LUNAMIÈRE is composed of the Italian word la luna, which means the moon and the French word la lumière, which means the light. Deflected from my name and my blog, my vision is to give everybody the chance to find a beautiful piece of jewellery which is individual and precious.

There is something for everybody

As a student I know how hard we struggle sometimes with money, that’s why my price range varies largely, so everybody can find something there. From glamorous and pompous earrings for sparkling night- outs to minimalistic and classic pieces to match and complete your daily outfits, you will find there everything.

Every item I offer on LUNAMIÈRE is limited, which means there are no more than 5 or even less than 5 in stock. Since I want everybody to have something precious, there won’t be any restock on the jewellery. When all the items are gone, they are gone.

So make sure, you are fast and know, when to shop! I will always let you know when the next hot new items arrive on Instagram!

Currently, I only ship in Germany on my online shop, but if you live somewhere else, you can still purchase the jewellery via Instagram, because I offer worldwide shipping there

It was a lot of work but also fun for me to work on this project and I am thankful for everyone who supported me and helped me to make it happen! I hope you will like the products and find something which emphasises your beauty.

If you purchase something, don’t forget to hashtag it with #mylunamiere or tag me in your photos, so I can repost it, I would love to see how you wear it!




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